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NLP Seminar Series

The NLP Seminar Series at AI Sweden is a bi-weekly forum for people who work with or are interested in Natural Language Processing (NLP). Join us online or on site at the AI Sweden Stockholm office on Fleminggatan 41. You can also take the opportunity to work from the AI Sweden Stockholm office for the entire day and/or join us for an NLP fika at 14.30. At some selected events you are also welcome to join us at the AI Sweden Gothenburg office (see booking information). 

On site - AI Sweden Stockholm, Folkungagatan 44 (NOTE: we have moved from Fleminggatan 41 to Folkungagatan 44)
(Some selected events on site - AI Sweden Gothenburg, Lindholmspiren 11)
Online - Zoom

Schedule for the 2023 Spring NLP Seminar Series

May 10 (online & on site both in Stockholm and Gothenburg):

Title: Large Generative Models for a smaller language: Finnish GPT-3

Speaker: Sampo Pyysalo, research fellow at the University of Turku

Abstract: Large generative language models have demonstrated remarkable capabilities in a broad range of tasks within natural language processing and beyond. While increasing numbers of models are becoming openly available, the most capable models remain closed, and open models are limited in their coverage of smaller languages. This presentation introduces open GPT-3 -like models for Finnish, including monolingual models of sizes up to 13B parameters trained from scratch and a 176B-parameter multilingual model created by continuing the training of the largest BLOOM model. The talk will cover challenges and solutions in collecting sufficient data for training, data preprocessing and cleaning, training on the LUMI supercomputer, and the introduction of new evaluation datasets, and conclude with discussion of ongoing and future work building on the models.


Find more about the previous presentations here.


By practitioners, for practitioners
Each seminar features an initial 45-minute presentation by practitioners or researchers followed by discussion. The NLP Seminar Series is organized by AI Sweden and RISE NLP group, and moderated by Magnus Sahlgren, Head of Research, Natural Language Understanding at AI Sweden and Joakim Nivre, Head of Natural Language Processing at RISE.

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