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May 26, 2021
14:00 - 15:30
Time zone: Stockholm, GMT+02:00

Swedish NLP webinars 2021

This is a bi-weekly webinar series for people who work with, or are interested in, NLP. The idea is to provide a platform for both academic researchers and industry practitioners to present, listen to, and discuss recent work in NLP.

Program for May 26

SuperLim: a Swedish GLUE (General Language Understanding Benchmark)
Magnus Sahlgren at RISE; Aleksandrs Berdicevskis, Yvonne Adesam, Gerlof Bouma, Dana Dannélls at Språkbanken, Gothenburg University
This seminar presents the outcome of the SuperLim project, which provides the first General Language Understanding Benchmark (GLUE) for Swedish. The test collection covers various aspects of language understanding, including reading comprehension, inference and entailment, coreference, sentiment analysis, lexical semantics, and word sense disambiguation. The presentation provides details on the various test sets, and we also discuss future development of the benchmark.

Link to the pre-release version of SuperLim: <>. Feel free to use it, but bear in mind that many datasets are not yet complete, the documentation is missing, some things may be changed soon. We hope to release Version 1.0 in June 2021.


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About the Swedish NLP webinars

By practitioners, for practitioners

The main focus of the webinars is NLP development in Sweden and for the Swedish language, but international breakthroughs may also be discussed. Each webinar features an initial 45-minute presentation that covers recent work that in some sense is relevant for Swedish NLP, followed by 45 minutes of discussion.

Time: Wednesdays odd weeks 14:00-15:30
Where: Online

The webinars are organized by RISE NLU group and AI Sweden, and moderated by Magnus Sahlgren, Head of the Natural Language Understanding Group at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

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RISE NLU Group and AI Sweden