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Space Proof of Concept

Online & at AI Sweden
Lindholmspiren 11, Göteborg
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September 7 - 9, 2021
AI Sweden, Swedish National Space Agency, Space Data Lab
This event has already taken place!
Online & at AI Sweden
September 7 - 9, 2021

Welcome to SPoC!

We hereby invite data scientists, developers and space experts to explore the possibilities of performing edge learning in space together with the Swedish National Space Agency, the Space Data Lab, AI Sweden and partners.

Welcome to SPoC, Space Proof of Concept, a creative and explorative event on how to train AI models in space - the ultimate edge!

AI Sweden, the Swedish National Space Agency and the RISE Space Data Lab together with you and partners aim to generate PoC:s for space, utilizing the infrastructure in Edge Lab as a simulated space setting.

The event will include inspirational speakers including a keynote by Christer Fuglesang; access to edge devices (simulated satellites); and space data from Copernicus Satellites in the Edge Lab. 

The main focus of the event will be a 'Collaboraton' - a fusion between hackathon and collaboration. This will provide a creative setting for generating interesting ideas and future projects together. You can test grand ideas with others and accelerate our way to space!

Please note that the Collaboraton sessions require some level of technical/space knowledge and/or coding skills.
We expect participants to be relatively comfortable in a software development environment.

Please also note that we need you to sign up for the Collaboraton session, as participant numbers may be limited. The Collabraton is accessable both remotely and onsite. For those who wish to attend onsite, cautionary measures will be taken due to the current pandemic.


Agenda at a glance (full agenda here)

7 September

08.15-10.45 CEST    
Introduction and key notes, incl. Christer Fuglesang
Online. Open session.
Keynote speakers:

  • Christer Fuglesang, KTH and the National Space Agency
  • Fredrik Bruhn, Unibap
  • Tina Sjögren, Pythom Space
  • Massimiliano Pastena, European Space Agency
  • Sorin Cheran, Hewlett Packard Entrerprise
  • Evgenia Novikova, Smartilizer

Online/onsite. Session sign up required here.

8 September

Online/onsite. Session sign up required here.

9 September

Session sign up required here.

Conclusion, wrap up and sharing of the POCs.
Online. Open session. 


The final application date for taking part in the Collaboraton is 1 September 2021.

Note that the open sessions (introduction and conclusion) will take place online. For the Collaboraton sessions, you can participate online or in person at the Edge Lab at AI Sweden, Gothenburg.


Read more about our exciting speakers here.


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