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Main Auditorium, Centralblocket (Invited Speakers and guest only)
September 16 - 17, 2021
08:00 - 19:00

Scientific Program

Moderator: Ulrika Mundt-Petersen


Wednesday 15, September 2021

1830-1900 Wednesday Dinner: Pre-Dinner Talk:  
  Translation of neuropharamacology and nonmotor symptoms from animals to humans: where did we go wrong?  
  Chair: Ulrika Mundt-Petersen  
  Peter Jenner (England)  
1900 Faculty Dinner  

Thursday 16, September, 2021

0800 - 0810 Opening of the meeting  
  Dean of the Lund Faculty of Medicine/ Ray Chaudhuri/Per Odin  
0810 - 0955 Session 1: Non-motor symptoms in prodromal phases of Parkinson´s disease  
  Chair: Håkan Widner  
  RBD and Hyposmia: can they help to select patients with prodromal alpha-Synucleinopathy (i.e. PD) for future neuroprotective trials ?
Wolfgang Oertel (Germany, web)
  Prodromal biomarkers: above and below the neck.
Per Borghammer (Denmark)
  Prodromal NMS in Parkinson’s and implications for clinical trials.
Daniela Berg (Germany)
0955 - 1025


1025 - 1055

Industry symposium: Bial: COMT inhibitors and non-motor symptoms in fluctuating PD: what do we know and where are we heading?
Per Odin (Sweden) and K Ray Chaudhuri (UK)

1055 - 1310 Session 2: Non-motor symptoms in early and late stages of Parkinsonism
Chair: Pablo Martinez-Martin, Espen Dietrichs
  Early Motor Parkinson’s: nonmotor implications.
Alastair Noyce (UK)
  Late Parkinson’s : the nonmotor journey:
Anette Schrag (UK)
  In life biomarkers in Parkinson’s and NMS:
Oskar Hansson (Sweden)

Non-motor Symptoms in atypical PD:
Guenter Höglinger (Germany)

1310 - 1410  Lunch  
1410 - 1515 HotSpots and nonmotor Parkinson’s
(10 min research hot spot presentations)
Chair : Gesine Paul-Visse, Per Svenningsson
Anna Sauerbier (Germany)
  DBS non-motor effects: time to be precise:
Haidar Dafsari (Germany)
  Pain and sensory testing:
Kirsty Bannister
  AI, digitisation and NMS:
Daniel van Wamelen (UK)
  NMS and profession and workforce:
Jonathan Timpka (Sweden)
1515 - 1545 Coffee  
1545 - 1830 Session 3: Treatment of Non-motor symptoms
Chair : Andreas Puschmann, Ashkan Keyoumars
  Cognition and neuropsychiatry.
Daniel Weintraub (US)
  Specific management of sleep, pain and fatigue: the vital 3:
Cristian Falup-Pecurariu (Romania)
  Non-motor fluctuations:
Alexander Storch (Germany)
  Advanced infusion therapies and specific NMS:
Per Odin (Sweden)
  Differences in NM effect profiles of advanced therapies: relevance for therapy decisions.
Lars Timmermann (Germany)
1830 - 1845 Coffee  
1845 - 1900

Industry symposium Ever Pharma: The efficacy of apomorphine – a non-motoric perspective.
K Ray Chaudhuri (UK)


Friday 17, September, 2021

0830-1000 Session 4: The future and unmet needs
Chair: Peter Jenner, Angela Cenci Nilsson
  Covid 19 , non motor symptoms and Parkinsonism:
Elena Moro (France)
  NMS and new molecules:
Angelo Antonini (Italy)
  NMS and unmet needs:
K Ray Chaudhuri (UK)
  Discussion (15 min)  
1015 - 1030 Industry symposium Symprove: Microbiome and Probiotics in PD.
Lynne Barker (UK)
1030 - 1045  Summing up
(Programme committee)
1100 Lunch  
1600 Opening of the main MDS meeting