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Lindholmen Open Day 2022

Lindholmen Science Park
Lindholmen Science Park
September 22, 2022
08:00 - 19:00
Time zone: Stockholm, GMT+02:00

Detailed info – presentations

08.00 Sustainability in projects Breakfast seminar At Uni3 the Theatre. There will be coffee and sandwiches prepared upon arrival. Registration link for the breakfast seminar > United Spaces, Uni3 by Geely
09.20 Keynote Carl Mossfeldt - Realising the transition Carl will talk about how sustainable transition can be achieved by effectively adressing urban governance challenges and focusing om ambitious efforts in the intersection between business, energy and environmental concerns. Carl has in previous roles specifically researched the role Lindholmen plays and can play in the industrial transformation of Gothenburg.  Göteborgs Stad
09.35 Lindholmen - The expansion of the Area Continues Lindholmen continues to grow as a leading innovation hub in the world.During this session we will hear from two of the property developers that are investing in the area - Atrium Ljungberg and Serneke. Atrium Ljungberg will present their vision for the area Götaverken and Serneke will talk about the on-going development of Karlastaden. Atrium Ljungberg, Serneke Invest
10.00 Smoovit Launches Smart Deliveries to Gothenburg City In the future, transports have to be safer, cleaner, and more efficient. How? Take a look at Smoovit. The smart logistics system involves the consolidation of cargo from different carriers to reduce transports to the city centre. Volvo Group Connected Solutions
10.25 Innovation Product Owner for Sustainable Mobility By 2030 urban mobility in large cities will be based on networked mobility and more environmentally sustainable solutions. Innovations that will change our current perception of mobility and contribute to the development of sustainable cities and societies. CEVT
10.50 Geofencing – enabling the smart city How can a city and its' citizens benefit from geofencing and smart zones? This presentation shows two different examples and how they can contribute to safer and more sustainable cities.

Volvo Group Connected Solutions, Göteborgs Stad
Volvo Buses

11.15 Drive Sweden: AI Aware AI for a safer mobility Drive Sweden, Carmenta
11.40 Future Mobility Accelerating Sustainable Mobility Innovation between Sweden and USA. Future Mobility focuses on cases with clear bilateral value and high potential impact and welcomes a broad range of actors and perspectives to drive ground-breaking innovation projects. Lindholmen Science Park
11.50 How do we Revitalize Democracy? Democracy is being challenged globally from more and more places. At the same time, there is an enormous power in young people and new ideas on how to influence. A conversation about society's challenges, the future and how young people's voices can be heard in a new way. International Youth Think Tank, Lindholmen Science Park AB
12.20 Sustainable Tourism Through Digital Twins! By using a digital twin and unique consumption data, the project called Kållandsö, will create new innovative ways on how to develop a sustainable destination for the future. With a digital transformation, the small and medium-sized companies in the hospitality industry will strengthening their competitiveness and be able to take fact-based investment decisions with new methods, tools and techical platforms. Xperience Next, Stiftelsen Läckö Slott
12.40 Tactile Communication Using Smart Textiles – Lessening Transport and Enhancing Telepresence Going from IoT to Internet of Everything asks for new way not only of sensoring but also interacting with the physical surroundings. Humans foremost physical surrounding is the clothing. Here some examples are given of future communicative garments utilizing less explored senses aiming for replacing material transportation. Ericsson & Smart Textiles Borås
13.05 Triple F - Fossil Free Freight How do we make freight transports fossil-free? Will electrified deliveries be the new normal anytime soon? Find out in this session where we will talk about Triple F and how we contribute to the transition to fossil free freight. We will share results from a Triple F project where electrified grocery delivery vehicles were tested and evaluated. Triple F
13.20 Data Based Depot Charging Depot charging, charging infrastructure, energy efficiency Consat Engineering, Consat Telematics
13:45 Road safety -An Important Part of Agenda 2030 – How do we Approach the Common Challenges in Practice? There are many synergies between road safety and other sustainability goals and in this panel dialogue SAFER partners will discuss ways to strengthen the ties between road safety and other sustainability goals as well as talk about how this interaction and collaboration could contribute to a more a sustainable, more equal world. SAFER, Volvo Group, Autoliv, Trivector
14.10 Towards Zero Collisions faster by getting safer for every mile Autonomous driving (AD) is not only about convenience, it's about safety. By buidling software systems for AD, we improve our advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) everyday and the car becomes safer for every mile by collecting fleet customer data. So no matter if you are driving the car or the car drives for you, our product will always keep you safe. Zenseact
14.35 ElectriCity - Collaboration as a Driver for Electrification and Innovation Worksite, test bed and new initiatives! ElectriCity
15.00 Sustainability is a Team Effort To find and develop solutions to wicked problems such as the climate crisis and other sustainability challenges, new ways of working are needed. Collaborations with an open mindset, and with several partners bringing many and new perspectives and ideas to the table, are key to drive positive
change. MobilityXlab shares insights on how large companies in mobility and connectivity, and startups from all over the world can work closely together to help solve some of our most critical challenges related to safe and sustainable mobility.
MobilityXlab, Polestar
15.15 Using AI -  the way to a sustainable society AI Sweden is the Swedish national center for applied artificial intelligence. Our mission is to accelerate the use of AI for the benefit of our society, our competitiveness, and for everyone living in Sweden. AI Sweden
15.40 Collaborator of the Year Who will win? Nominate your suggestion > Lindholmen Science Park AB
18.00 Lindholmenstafetten Read more and register your team here > Göteborgsvarvet
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