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Alfred Ots 100

Alfred Ots stipendiefond
Chalmersska Huset
May 18, 2018

Who was Alfred Ots?

Some facts:

Alfred Ots was born on May 21, 1918, on the isle of Saaremaa, Estonia, where he also completed his middle education in Kuressaare, when Estonia still was independent

When the World War Two was ending, he fled to Sweden in September, 1944, where he initially worked as a lumberjack, saved money and learnt Swedish. His goal was to continue his studies. After some years he was accepted as a student at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, where he in 1957 received a M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering

After graduation Alfred Ots emigrated to the U.S., where he became a successful specialist in the mixed field of electromechanics, including positions at NASA. He lived frugally and remained bachelor.

After retirement Alfred Ots moved to Florida. There he was killed accidentally in 1992, when he was clearing up on his lot after a hurricane. He had no heirs, nor a written will. On the basis of earlier correspondence with his study mate at Chalmers, Sven Olving, who in the meantime had become a professor and rector at Chalmers, it was possible to transfer most of the property left, 3 152 330 SEK to Chalmers, which in 1995 was used to establish the Alfred Ots Scholarship Foundation.

According to the clearly documented wish of Alfred Ots, the scholarships are meant for Estonian citizens, living in Estonia, to support their studies at Chalmers. So far 94 students have been awarded the scholarship, totaling 10 MSEK.
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