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Nordic Forum
December 13 - 15, 2019
17:00 - 15:30


Video 1 - What is a Hackathon?
Facilitator, John Gregory, Hacking Health, explains the essential elements that make a competitive hackathon fun and inspiring. Participants are encouraged to sign up on Sparkboard.

Video 2 - What is Design Thinking?
Facilitator, Nick Piperno, Hacking Health, explains the process of design thinking and the five steps that will be used in the hackathon. This video will begin the thinking to help you develop project ideas to post on Sparkboard.

Video 3 - How to use the Design Thinking Pathway
Nick Piperno, helps guide you on how to prepare a problem statement to post as a project idea on Sparkboard. 

Video 4 - How to deliver an excellent pitch
John Gregory, provides some pro-tips on how to craft a stunning pitch. Pause the video to watch the Landmine Boys - Velocity Fund Final 2016 pitch illustration.

Video 5 - What to expect at the hackathon
John Gregory brings everything together on what to expect at the Hacking AMR 2019 hackathon. #HackingAMR2019