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Sweden Fashion & Beauty Day
Stockholm Waterfront
13 augusti - 3 oktober 2018
2018-08-13 12:00 - 2018-10-03 19:00

Vestiaire Collective


It all started with a question. Why should so many great items remain unworn in people’s wardrobes? Vestiaire Collective is the answer, the modern day solution that addresses our outdated shopping habits. The idea is simple. The beautiful pieces designed by great fashion houses, that have stood the test of time or speak of an iconic era, deserve to be passed on and to be celebrated.  

Vestiaire Collective was designed as an international platform to bring together sellers of pre-owned pieces with potential buyers. Since its launch in October 2009 it has become the go-to destination to buy and sell, bringing about a new era of smart shopping. We enable people to earn money from their wardrobes, give them access to key designer pieces at affordable prices and inspire them to invest in products that have long-lasting appeal.

We also invite people to think more sustainable: the fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world. At Vestiaire Collective we dismiss the idea that the luxury industry is not sustainable bringing our customers the option to acquire pre-loved products already produced, helping the industry to avoid overproduction and the environment, giving greater emphasis on ethics and social values.

A strong identity has been built with the support of a team of experts. Again, it is a simple principle; we accept only the best products. This is a standard we are committed to upholding for the 6 million members that make up our community. Our team know what will generate excitement, when to take risks and when to say no. Our editors can see the trends and patterns that occur and reoccur over time, and combine catwalk collections, past seasons and vintage pieces to create a fresh and inspiring perspective. And our authentication and control team checks each item by hand to make sure the item is 100% authentic and that meets all conditions as promised by the seller.  

On our lust list this season, you will find a Balenciaga mackintosh trench, which sold out everywhere not long after it launched. A gold Chaumet watch, for a change from the Tank Must Cartier at the same price. A vintage Chanel Timeless bag in velvet. Gucci’s cult classic Princetown loafers for 30% less than the RRP. A solid silver vintage Hermès bracelet or ring. A pure white Céline Trotteur bag. A Saint Laurent suede jacket designed by Hedi Slimane. And thousands more items besides pieces that have never – or hardly ever – been worn. These pieces are sometimes referred to as ‘preowned’ or ‘pre-loved’. Now it is your turn to show them some love.

How to sell on Vestiaire Collective: Watch here 




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