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AI Sweden
December 1, 2020
December 2, 2020
December 3, 2020
Time zone: Stockholm, GMT+02:00


Here is the agenda for AI Sweden Partner Week. Haven´t signed up yet? Sign up here>>

Tuesday Dec 1, 8.00-9.30: The Data Day 

Data has been hailed as the new oil, invaluable for its wealth of opportunities. But stepping away from the buzz - what is the real value of data, and why is it a crucial component for building our future? How do we make the most of it, and solve tangible challenges around access and sharing?

Welcome to the first day of AI Sweden’s Partner Week where we will focus on the value of data!

08.00 Introduction to the Data Day by Peter Kurzwelly and Ebba Josefson Lindqvist, AI Sweden

08.05 Presentations by speakers

Why is data crucial?
Mats Nordlund, Zenseact

Adipocyte cell imaging challenge and dataset
Alan Sabrish, AstraZeneca

The data access challenge in AI
Daniel Zakrisson, Scaleout

The value of data: What is it worth?
Sergio Martin-del-Campo, Viking Analytics

Data traceability challenge and value
Alexandra Kukresh, Docusign

09.15 Panel discussion

09.30-10.00 Breakout sessions in zoom

09.45 Workshop organized by Smartr

Welcome to Data Bakery - a workshop on data together with Smartr!
How do you kickstart a data-driven organisation? And how to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the data revolution? The Data Bakery is a workshop format, developed by our partner Smartr, that can help organizations become more data driven and unlock the potential value of their data!

Read more and sign up seperately for the workshop here >> 


Wednesday Dec 2, 8.00-9.30: The Tech Day

As edge devices are becoming increasingly powerful, the idea of applying AI at the data collection site is gaining a lot of traction. With Edge AI as the solution to key problems such as privacy, security, and latency, it is only expected that the future of AI will be a hybrid Cloud-Edge solution.

Join us on the second day of AI Sweden’s Partner Week where we will focus on Edge AI and Federated learning!

08.00 Introduction to the Tech Day by Peter Kurzwelly, AI Sweden. Presentation of ongoing projects within AI Sweden by Erik Wilson and Sheetal Reddy, AI Sweden

08.10 Presentations by speakers

Efficient Deep Learning in Embedded Systems
Hans Salomonsson, EmbeDL

Transforming cities with AI
Pier Luigi Dovesi, Univrses

Challenges and the future of fleet management, data capturing and compute on edge
Sofie Tressing, Zenseact

09.10 Panel discussion


Thursday Dec 3, 8.00-9.30: The Business Day

Implementing AI solutions and understanding what strategies and transformations will be key may prove challenging no matter if you are at the beginning of your AI and digital journey or at the very forefront. Why is a strategic business approach crucial, and how do we overcome the challenges to benefit from the opportunities that come with a more holistic approach? And how do you become the change agent for your management team, board and organization?

Welcome to the third and final day of AI Sweden’s Partner Week where we will focus on transformation for business and management!

08.00 Introduction to the Business Day by Peter Kurzwelly and Malin Larsson AI Sweden

08.10 Presentations by speakers

AI transformation for business and management. Why is AI strategy important? What is a AI strategy?
Kye Andersson and Daniel Gillblad, AI Sweden

Business and management with AI strategy - an example from Volvo Group. 
Sebastien Verchere, Volvo Group

How to strengthen and accelerate your work and strategy within AI Sweden.
Martin Svensson, AI Sweden

09.10 Panel discussion

13.00 Workshop organized by Talkamatic
Realizing business opportunities in applied conversational AI.

Realizing Business opportunities in Applied Conversational AI is a one hour opportunity to get a better understanding of how human-machine dialog can create new business opportunities in relation to your reality.

Read more here and sign up for Talkamatic workshop here>>

No time yet. Workshop organized by Peltarion.
Link and info will come.

15.00 The impact of Deep fakes - Panel discussion with Audiovisual talks

The deep fake techniques for the film Grab them were developed in the Data Factory infrastructure of AI Sweden.
We invite you to an exclusive panel discussion about the film – on art, democracy, and the technical challenges of working with deep fake.

Read more and sign up for Audiovisual Talks here >>


Take part of the recording from our latest Partner Week here >

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