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November 6 - 7, 2018
10:00 - 13:30


Edna Eriksson
Many think that diversity at work means including for instansce all types of gender-identities and ethnic descent. This is only the ”visible” diversity, though, and it does not guarantee a broader competence in the organisation. Edna Eriksson has been working with human rights and gender equality for almost two decades. She will show you how to take these questions to the next level through learning to see the real- ’the inner’- diversity.

Tim Ole Simonsen, Fire Officer, Copenhagen Fire Department
Chief of operations at Copenhagen Fire Service.
Highly engaged in creating an organisation where people feel included and appreciated, based on his personal experience: ”I didn’t want to hide. If you hide, you take away the possibility of being honest to your collegues. You also take away your collegues possibility to take part of your life outside work”.

Ida Texell, Chief Fire Officer, Attunda Fire Department
Ida Texell is the CEO/CFO (Chief Executive Officer/Chief Fire Officer) of the Fire and rescue service Attunda in Stockholm. Ida is dedicated to always delivering excellence and her leadership stands for courage, compassion and action. Her passion for results generate great things.
Ida contributes with a visionary and strategic leadership to deliver sustained improvements in service delivery. She believes in an organization that is balanced between the needs of the people it is designed to serve and the future challenges of social development where our strategy is based on a differentiated customer value proposition.
In 2015, 2016 and 2017 she was appointed and awarded as one of the female future top leaders in Sweden. “She inspires with her high ambition and courage to bring big ideas to life”.

DareGender is an organization that deals with gender not only as a source of social and personal problems, but also as a perspective that can be used constructively in these contexts. "DareGender" means we dare to talk about and challenge the gender understandings we see and experience in society around us.

We know that the challenges and constraints of boys and men have been underrepresented in this kind of work in general, and therefore we work with boys and men too. We engage them in the work of nuance and break down negative and narrow masculinity understandings and stereotypes through voluntary participation and mobilization. Our mission - our dream - is that we together create a society where no one is restricted by gender.

Keeley Foster, Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Head of Cultural Change & Talent, People Services, London Fire Brigade
Keeley Foster is the Head of Cultural Change and Talent for the London Fire Brigade. As well as being an operational officer, she leads a diverse team in the delivery of diversity and inclusion in employment and is responsible for the Brigade’s recruitment and assessment teams who are currently engaged in recruiting nearly 400 firefighters. Her Talent team is working to implement a new Talent Management Framework for the Brigade, with the responsibility for the development of future talent schemes, including apprenticeships and implementing an end to end strategy that identifies and attracts new talent from diverse backgrounds, whilst maximising opportunities for those staff that are identified as having high potential. Supporting all of this, Keeley has the responsibility for driving the development, implementation and effective management of the London Fire Brigade’s leadership strategy.

Cecilie Daae, CEO, Direktoratet for samfunnssikkerhet og beredskap
Ms. Daae has been Director-General for the NorwegianDirectorate for Civil Protection (DSB) since September 2015. She came from the position of Deputy Director General at the Norwegian Directorate of Health. In the same organisation, she previously held the position as Head of Department for Specialised Health Care Services and of Head of section for Hospital Services. Ms. Daae studied medicine at the University of Oslo. In addition, she holds a master in Health Administration from the same university

Mira Leinonen
Mira Leinonen works as a senior fire officer for regional state administrative agency in Southern Finland. She is the Chairperson for both ”Network for women in fire and rescue services in Finland” and the CTIF Commission ”Women in Fire and Rescue Services”.

Maria Wiktoria Karolini, Projektchef for Brandkadetter i Danmark.
Brandkadetter (fire cadets) was initially started to reduce harassment and to reduce harassment of firefighters verbally as well as physically. During the process of development, the project has proved to be far more extensive.
In addition to having fire prevention and crime prevention, the Brandkadet project across the country has proved to be both a learning and social project that encompasses vulnerable young people.
Brandkadetter is not only a social project for vulnerable young people. It is also a learning and inclusive project aimed at supporting children and young people in becoming competent and responsible citizens and partly as a recruiting platform for preparedness.

Henning Thiesen, CEO Beredskabsstyrelsen
Henning Thiesen has since becoming a lawyer held various positions within different branches of the Danish Ministry of Justice, lastly as Police Commissioner before being appointed director of the Danish Emergency Management Agency in 2011.

Imran Khani
Imran Khani is an instructor and community advocate at Region South Rescue Service (Räddningstjänsten Syd) in Sweden. Imran is an expert on intercultural communication which is an area with high priority in our organisation.



Remaining speakers will be presented within the next weeks