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January 31, 2019
08:30 - 16:30

Transport - practicalities


  • We will organise a bus from Södertälje Syd station in the morning for people arriving with train from Gothenburg at 08.11.
  • There will also be a bus from Cityterminalen in Stockholm at 07.45.
  • After the conference buses will take participants back to Södertälje Syd and Cityterminalen.

Information Visitors' Parking

  • At Scania a limited number of parking-places are located adjacent to the MW hall (Marcus Wallenberg Hall)
  • You can also use Scania's visitors' parking, which is located in front of the main building (Vagnmakargatan 1). Registration will then be made at the main reception desk. It is about 500m to walk between the main building and the MW hall.