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Nordic HCT Conference 2022

Pascal @ Lindholmen Science Park
October 6, 2022
09:00 - 15:30
Time zone: Stockholm, GMT+02:00

Who are the speakers?


Aurora Garcìa de Sandoval, Policy Officer, Directorate General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE), European Commission

Briefly about Aurora:
Working in the field of commercial road transport policy, with expertise in weights and dimensions standards for heavy-duty vehicles

What will Aurora talk about?
As part of the Greening Freight Package the Commission intends to revise the legal framework setting the standards for the maximum weights and dimensions of heavy-duty vehicles. Ms Aurora García de Sandoval will present the main outlines of the revision, its objectives and calendar for adoption.





Heine Andreas Arntzen Toftegaard, Senior advisor at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration

Briefly about Heine:
Heine are project manager for two pilots, a 74 ton timber transport trial and ITS-pilot “Data from vehicles”

What will Heine talk about?
Heine will talk about how accurate weight measurements are and what impact heavy vehicles has on bridges.



Vesa Männistö, Strategic planning, Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

Briefly about Vesa:
Vesa Männistö works as senior advisor at Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency. His main duties are related to strategic level asset management.

What will Vesa talk about?
His presentation is composed of a short history of HCT in Finland as well as of current plans for the future development.


Elin Norby, Directorate of Public Roads, Norwegian Pulic Roads Administration

Briefly about Elin:
Legal advisor, works mostly with regulations on weights and dimensions, national and EU regulations.

What will Elin talk about?
Status HCT in Norway



Kenneth Natanaelsson, Strategic planner, Swedish Transport administration

Briefly about Kenneth:
Kenneth is working with strategic work related to road transports, for example electrification of the road transportsystem and the implementation of HCT at the Swedish road network at the Swedish transport administration.

What will Kenneth talk about?
The status of the implementation of BK4 in Sweden and predictions of the future implementation, and something about the work that is done related to the implementation of longer vehicles.

mfmfoto2020.JPG Martin Frimann Mortensen, Technical consultant, Vejdirektoratet / DRD (Danish Road Directorate)

Amanda Baumgartner, Urban freight strategist at the City of Stockholm

Briefly about Amanda: 
Amanda focus is to acknowledge freight as a separate transport mode and raise the general awareness of the importance for sustainable freight solutions within the city. Upscaling of off hour distribution, improved aggregates transports and implementing charging infrastructure are some examples of ongoing projects.

What will Amanda talk about:
Amanda will talk about our ideas for enabling more efficient transports of construction material within the city of Stockholm, focusing on both improved infrastructure and more efficient vehicles.


Martin Svedin, CEO and owner of M Logistics Sweden

Briefly about Martin: 
M Logistics Sweden is a trucking company with a wide range of services

What will Martin talk about: 
Project with smart Urban traficzones and trilas with BK1 weight on BK2 roads


Fredrik Cederstav, Senir Project Manager, RISE

Briefly about Fredrik: 
Fredrik coordinate several research projects within digital solutions, sustainability, cyber security, city transition and HCT. He also contribute in GGCZ with helping Göteborg become one of 100 climate neutral cities in Europe.

What will Fredrik talk about:
HCT-City: An overview of the project and results so far.

andersgrauers2206096427.jpg Anders Grauers, Chalmers

Briefly abut Anders:
Anders Grauers is an associate professor at Chalmers University of Technology and a system specialist within the Swedish Electromobility Centre. His research is on how electric vehicles, their charging strategies and the charging infrastructure should be designed to meet different users’ needs in a cost-effective way.

What will Anders present:
This presentation will show that HCT trucks are just as suitable to be electric as smaller trucks. The choice between providing the energy from Batteries, Hydrogen or Electric roads depends mainly on how the trucks are operated and where.


Bo Ekman, Senior consultant, Vejdirektoratet / DRD (Danish Road Directorate)

Brifely about Bo:
Bo Ekman er ansat i Transportanalyseafdelingen i Vejdirektoratets Planlægningsdivision. Han har beskæftiget sig med strategisk transportplanlægning i en årrække, herunder særligt udviklingsmuligheder og udfordringer for infrastruktur og trafik.  Aktuelt er automatisering af bilparken, selvkørende teknologi samt med grøn omstilling af trafikken i fokus.

What will Bo talk about?
The Road Directorate is carrying out an analysis of the possibilities for catenary lines on the Øresund-Femern section. The purpose of the analysis is to create a basis for deciding whether work should be continued with the establishment of catenary lines in the transport corridor between Øresund and Fehmarn, or whether one should await foreign experience and the development of alternative solutions for decorbonisation of heavy transport. The analysis includes an overall outline project as well as an assessment of the social economy of the project. As part of the analysis, an assessment must be made of costs for construction and operation, how much of the truck traffic can be electrified with the solution, and how big the CO2 saving is. Any consequences for road safety, noise and the flow of other traffic will also be highlighted. Finally, the expected development of alternative green conversion options for heavy transport will be included in the analysis, just as the significance of Denmark's neighboring countries' investments in overhead line installations will be analysed.

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