Get people together
25 maj 2019
09:00 - 17:00
Tidszon: Stockholm, GMT+02:00
Temaenlig klädsel är frivillig men uppmuntras


Convergence arrangeras av Uppsala Megagames och EttEvent Uppsala AB.

Uppsala Mega Games

A bunch of mega game-happy enthusiats who during 2018 lauched the first mega game in Uppsala, Watch the Skies. After a roaring success with added tickets (~70 people in the rooms) Uppsala and neigbouring regions wanted more. Therefore we are very glad to present Convergence!

EttEvent Uppsala AB

Eventföretag som arrangerar unika teambuildingar, svensexor, möhippor och andra roliga upplevelser.

Thoughts from Uppsala Mega Games on why choosing to make this mega game

There are a few reasons why this mega game saw the world in late 2018. In a poll the mega gamers of Sweden voted the theme “Space” as number one for the next event. Another reason is the will to come up with something both similar to what mega gamers are used to but at the same time not copycat-ing common themes. Examples of this is the element of war, the phases in a round or for that sake the “news team”. Same same but different.

We hope that you will find joy sharing this experience with us. // Two crazy Swedes