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13 augusti - 3 oktober 2018
2018-08-13 12:00 - 2018-10-03 19:00

The Humble Co

The Humble Co.
Our Story

The Humble Co. was founded by a small group of dentists from different parts of the
world. They shared a commitment to oral health and an understanding that it is not
necessary to harm our environment just to brush our teeth properly. Each dentist was
already involved in dental outreach volunteer work, from Jamaica to Ethiopia.

Humble Brush, together with the non-profit organization, Humble Smile Foundation,
received broad and enthusiastic support from the international dental community right
from the start. Nothing much had changed in manual tooth-brushing for 60 years. Now
dental professionals, from dental schools to private practices, welcomed the latest
innovation in tooth-brushing: allowing everyone, including the most underprivileged, the
opportunity to brush with an eco-friendly toothbrush.

The rapid success of Humble Brush encouraged The Humble Co. to apply the same
principles of innovative, premium, eco-friendly and socially responsible products, to
develop more oral care products. Today, The Humble Co. is planning a range of wellness
products to build on consumers’ trust and loyalty to the brand. Each product will improve
the lives of the consumers and of those in need. Of course everyone will benefit from a
cleaner planet.


Humble Brush - The world's most sold bamboo toothbrush.

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