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JPIAMR Bacterial Resistance Workshop


Purpose: To identify key priorities, challenges and opportunities for research in the topic of antibiotic resistance in order to define future priorities for funding bodies.

To achieve this the workshop aims are:

  • To identify our existing knowledge regarding antibiotic resistance
  • To identify knowledge gaps for further research
  • To consider the policy implications of bacterial drug resistance
  • To identify and prioritise future research priorities for bacterial drug resistance

12.00 Welcome and introduction, JPIAMR and Dr Gwen Knight, The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), United Kingdom

12.05 Short keynotes

Perspectives on bacterial drug resistance (10 mins each), speakers:

  • Policy and National Action Plans: Dr Chantal Morel, University of Bonn, Germany
  • Human Health: Dr Fernanda Paganelli, UMC Utrecht, the Netherlands
  • Animal Health: Dr Mattia Pirolo, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Plant Health: Dr Edward Haynes, Fera, United Kingdom

12.45 Break

13.00 Presentations: Short perspectives from Early Career researchers

Moderator: Dr Gwen Knight, LSHTM

  • Finn McQuaid (LSHTM)
  • Nidhee Jadeja (Imperial College London)
  • Yinka Somorin (National University of Ireland)
  • Koen Pouwels (University of Oxford)
  • Kevin van Zandvoort (LSHTM)

14.00 Open discussion session and questions for Speakers

Moderator: Dr Gwen Knight, LSHTM

14.30 Closing remarks, Dr Gwen Knight, LSHTM

14.35 Workshop Close

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