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Nordic China Smart City Conference 2019

Mässvägen 1, Älvsjö
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March 26 - 28, 2019
09:00 - 17:00
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IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute
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March 26 - 28, 2019
09:00 - 17:00



Demonstrating Nordic system solutions and Nordic co-operations for the Chinese market 

The first Nordic-China cooperation conference focusing on planning excellence and smart system solutions in the areas of urban environment and the health care sector.

Key Chinese provinces, cities and companies are invited to present their needs and potentials for cooperation with Nordic companies and organizations. 


Tuesday March 26th

08:00 – 12:30 Morning program with Mini Sponsors’ Exposition during breaks


Welcome Opening remarks 

Keynote speeches, introduction by Ms Elisabet Söderström, Secretary General, Sweden-China Trade Council:  

  • H.E. Mr Ibrahim Baylan, Minister for Enterprise, Ministry of Enterprise & Innovation
  • H.E. Mr Gui Congyou, Chinese Ambassador to Sweden
  • Professor Zheng Xinli, Deputy Chairman, CCIEE and Executive Chairman, CUPC and CSGDA as well as SNPA 
  • Mr Jesper Jos Olsson, President, White Peak 
  • Mr Stefan Tilk, President and Vice Chairman, NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB) 
  • Mr Svein Berg, Director, Nordic Innovation  

MoU Signing ceremony

Panel discussion: “How could a Nordic-China partnership contribute to the fulfilment of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals?”

Key note speech and introduction by Mr Yang Zijian, Deputy Director-General, CUPC and CGSDA,

  • Professor C. C. Chan, Chinese Academy of Engineering
  • Mr Finn Mortensen, Executive Director, State of Green 
  • Mr Scott Allison, Project Manager, CLEAN, Nordic Solutions for C40 – China focus.
  • Ms Maria Helling, CEO, Swecare


12:30 – 14:00 Networking Lunch


14:00 – 18:00 Afternoon program 


14:00 - 15:30 Chinese provinces present their challenges, needs and plans in terms of urban development, health care and the environment

Moderated by Mr Han Xiaodong, Economic & Commercial Counsellor, Embassy of P.R. China.

  • Jilin Province
  • Hubei Province
  • Jinan, Shandong Province

Q&A with the province official and company representatives


16:00 – 17:30 Break-out parallel sessions, 45 minutes/session

Opening remarks by Moderator


Workshop 1

The Hammarby Eco City project in Yantai

  • Challenge and opportunities. Inspirational talk or panel debate
  • “What is needed to further develop into a business opportunity for the Nordics”
  • Wrap up and next steps + Individual matchmaking opportunities day 2


Workshop 2

Landvetter South – “potential for Nordic-Chinese Collaboration” – a new urban development project for over 10,000 families.

  • Challenge and opportunities. Inspirational talk or panel debate
  • “What is needed to further develop into a business opportunity for a Nordic Chinese collaboration”
  • Wrap up and next steps + Individual matchmaking opportunities day 2


Workshop 3

Sino-Nordic Eco village in Changsha – potential for Nordic suppliers

  • Challenge and opportunities. Inspirational talk or panel debate
  • “What is needed to further develop into a business opportunity for the Nordics”
  • Wrap up and next steps + Individual matchmaking opportunities day 2


Workshop 4

Zero Waste – how could the Nordics and China co-operate?

  • The Chinese Government’s initiative to create 10 zero waste cities
  • The Nordic funded Zero Waste initiative in China by IVL
  • “What is needed to further develop into a business opportunity for a Nordic Chinese collaboration”
  • Wrap up and next steps + Individual matchmaking opportunities day 2


18:00 – 19:30 Evening Program

Reception with Chinese Cuisine & Culture Show


Wednesday March 27th

08:00 – 12:30 Morning program with Mini Company Exposition during breaks



09:00 – 12:30 Parallel session A: Environmental technology 

Smart environmental solutions are today considered everywhere in urban development. Smart technologies can improve the efficiency of the utilities installed but also enhance the interaction between technical functions and the users. In order to create a truly sustainable city areas like aesthetics as well as place making, the design of the public realm matter also matters. In this session we will explore how excellence in urban planning combined with smart new solutions can lift all three pillars of sustainability on to new levels.  

Opening remarks by Moderators Ms Line Elk Hansen, Project and Public Affairs Manager, Danish-Chinese Business Forum and Mr Morten Kildahl Sørensen, Chief Project Manager, Chief Project Manager, CLEAN  

Keynote speeches:

  • Chinese representative  
  • Mr Kaj Möller, President, Sweco International

Concept for how to secure Chinese government goals in green business solutions 


Panel 1 Topic: Zero waste and circular economy

The Nordic countries landfill less than 1% of their waste. 40% is typically recycled as material and the rest converted into energy. Biowaste and waste water is more and more converted into fuels for transportation. How could these strategies and technologies be applied in China?

Introduction by: Mr Östen Ekengren, Executive Vice President, IVL Swedish Environmental Institute

  • Mr. Nigel Hywel-Jones, Vice Director, Zheijiang Life Science Institute
  • Ms. Margareta Lundberg, Manager Product Development, Valmet AB
  • Mr. Cao Weiqiu, Managing Director, Shanghai Mu Yi Investment Advisors Ltd.; Visiting researcher at Green Finance and Sustainable Development center in UIBE (University of International Business and Economy)


Panel 2: Topic: Air pollution mitigation and indoor air quality

We spend more than 80% of our time indoors. Both pollutions from outside and inside the buildings affect our health, comfort and ability to perform. At the same time employers’ expectations on individual performance are increasing. The building design and technology improvements are important element in creating better working environments. Which are the most efficient ways to improve indoor air quality? How could smart technology secure good performance air quality at low energy costs?

Introduction by: TBC
Panel consisting of Nordic and Chinese representatives:

  • Swegon, Jan Risen (Sweden)  
  • Air0, Valle Kulmala, CEO (Finland)
  • Leapcraft, Vinay Venkatraman (Denmark) 
  • Dr. Sun Zhaohai, Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Environmental Science, JPAES


Panel 3: Topic: Green urban design

Greening of our cities becomes more and more important from many perspectives. To prevent heat islands, to absorb storm water, to provide habitat for biodiversity and for circular water management. 

Introduction by: Henrik Dissing, Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark: Business collaboration with the European China Water Platform and
Bjørn H. Andersen, Ejlskov: Soil remediation and sustainable urban farming collaboration projects in China.

Panel consisting of Nordic and Chinese representatives:

  • Mr. Fredrik Ohls, Sweco – Senior expert storm and waste water
  • Mr. Michael Ramlau Hansen, AVK Valves, Global Brand Manager - Valves for transportation of liquid substances 
  • Mr. Yang Tianchu, Nanjing China-Sweden Science and Technology Innovation Park


09:00 – 12:30 Parallel session B: Health and Elderly Care for Tomorrow

The Sustainable Development Goal number 3 is about ensuring healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. Impressive advancements have been made on many health fronts, but significant challenges remain. In order to accelerate progress and address new health challenges, all actors need to partner to develop health care solutions that work for people, families, communities and nations.   
What could China learn from the Nordic solutions and what could the Nordics learn from the rapid Chinese technical development, and thus move together towards ensuring healthy lives and wellbeing for all?  
Introduction to the Health and Elderly Care session by the Moderators Ms Anna Riby, Swecare and Ms Manwen Xiong, Nordic China Healthcare Solutions.

  • Keynote Speech: Maja Fjaestad, State Secretary to the Swedish Minister for Health and Social Affairs 
  • Keynote Speech: Chinese representative


Panel 1: Building comprehensive and person-centered health systems 

Today we see a shift in health systems and life science industries. Tomorrow’s healthcare systems need to be both sustainable and more efficient. Pharmaceutical and medtech industries as well as healthcare itself need to consider sustainability aspects of their operations. Advanced hospital care is becoming overburdened and more expensive, and the importance of primary care is highlighted both in China and the Nordics. New technologies offer new ways of seeing the doctor. Personalized medicine can improve efficiency and quality of life for patients but is often costly to develop, and we see a trend towards acknowledging the patient as a resource in managing his/her own disease and health.

Introduction by: Mr Erik Fiedler, Senior Project Manager, Fresenius-Kabi

Panel consisting of Nordic and Chinese representatives:

  • Ms Yuan Almqvist, Sales Manager, Predicare 
  • Ms Yani Liu, CEO, Luco Holding
  • Mr Anders Thomsen, CEO, Nordic Flexhouse


Panel 2: Smart health solutions for ageing societies 

The demographic and societal changes of longer life expectancies, changes in family living conditions, a shortage of healthcare staff, increasing costs and the wish of elderly to be more active and independent lead to a growing market for smart solutions to take care of the needs and wishes of the elderly. 

Introduction by Catharina Borgenstierna, Camanio Care

Panel consisting of Nordic and Chinese representatives:

  • Mr Lars Dahle, CEO, Dignio 
  • Mr Haza Newman, CEO, Geras Solutions AB 
  • Mr Steffen Jean Sodal, Head of Business Development, Mestech AS


Panel 3: Innovation, PPP projects and business models for collaboration 

The key to success for large complex projects is to collaborate in public-private partnerships and to develop business models for the projects suitable for this. We will hear some examples of successful PPPs with partners from the Nordics and China.  
Introduction by Peter Kjäll, Business Area Manager Life Science, RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden

Panel consisting of Nordic and Chinese representatives:

  • Bent-Håkon Lauritzen, Nordic Proof
  • Mr Liu Chengye, General Manager, YiFang Group
  • Ms Kari Hengebol, Director of Administration at C3 - Centre for Connected Care C3, Oslo University Hospital, Norway
  • Mr Kimmo Koponen, Senior Business Advisor, Helsinki Business Hub 


12:30 – 14:00 Networking Lunch


14:00 – 18:00 Afternoon program

  • Match making sessions between individual Chinese and Nordic companies as well as with Chinese and Nordic projects and potential suppliers.
  • Nordic Company Pitches


18:00 – 21:30 Evening Program

Gala dinner at Vinterviken 
Transport to Vinterviken and back to Stockholmsmässan and the City of Stockholm will be organized.


Thursday March 28th

Technical visit within Environmental Technology:

  • Smart, sustainable urban development projects in Stockholm and Sweden

Technical visits within Health and Elderly Care for Tomorrow

1. Comprehensive and person-centered health care 

  • Visit to Bactiguard, a company fighting hospital acquired infections 
  • Visit to Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge 

2. Smart Solutions for elderly care 

  • Visit to Camanio Care AB – offering welfare technology solutions for elderly care 
  • Visit to elderly care home (TBC) 

3. Innovation and Collboration 

  • Visit to Danderyd Hospital DS Innovation 
  • Visit to Stockholm Science City, a collaboration between Stockholm Region and the universities in the area 

Afternoon session:

Information on the Swedish healthcare system
Presentations by Ms Anna Riby, Swecare and Dr Fredrik Wang, Senior Family Physician
Venue: Swecare offices, Sveavägen 63, Stockholm