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FR_SE Innovation Partnership
Ericsson building
April 2, 2019

About the dialogue

Sweden and France signed a partnership on the 17th November 2017 in Göteborg a strategic partnership on innovation and green solution. This partnership is notably related to social and technical disruptive innovations based on digital tools and artificial intelligence and the purpose of this event is to open a French-Swedish dialogue to the impacts and implementation of artificial intelligence.

Both Sweden and France have mapped their strengths and are setting up strategies to develop research and industry on artificial intelligence. Beyond technical matters, all reports highlight key points dealing with governance and ethics of AI-based activities.

In its report “AI in Swedish business and society”, Vinnova clearly mentions the simultaneous need to develop artificial intelligence while seeking to control the risks associated with it; "The development of a value-creating artificial intelligence that balances business innovation, privacy, ethics and digital security".

Cédric Villani’s report “For a meaningful artificial intelligence” states that “We need a forum to give opinions, to give independent judgments, which can be seized by the government and by the citizens, and which tells us what is acceptable or not acceptable”.

The purposes of such forum or governance bodies in the field of IA may be diverse: support for decision making, ensure an ethical supply chain and value creation ; French and Swedish solutions to reach this goal can somewhat differ.

The 2nd April will open the French-Swedish dialog on ethics and governance of artificial intelligence with a first seminar in partnership with AI innovation of Sweden. Intended to be at the crossroads of technical, legal and ethical matters, the AI innovation of Sweden platform supports research on algorithms and a "data factory" gathering academy, industry and public authorities with the common goal to ensure a meaningful and ethical uses of data.

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