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25 maj 2019
09:00 - 17:00
Tidszon: Stockholm, GMT+02:00
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Mobile teams

- Challenges

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- Classes of Ships

Stationary teams

- Challenges

- More info regarding each team



This is a mega game about trade. To be more exact this is a mega game about interstellar barter where cash and weapons belong to the past. Trust is a flexible term but stationary settlements and the ones without land have found a way to live in symbiosis none the less. This is the mega game for you if you, in a low fantasy multiverse, like to barter whatever you can get your hands on, haul it across the sector and build relations in order to find just the right buyer.

Humans of course made it in to space long time ago when the crucial discoveries where made. The one most essential was of course the raw material for fuel capable of interplanetary distances. This solar system is home to several more or less habitable bodies where today eight are populated. Not everyone is thrilled by life in gravity and making their living through barter, but planets and ship dwellers would not survive without the other. The old economic system turned to shards as soon as the new fuel became available. Therefore no one trusts cash – only the price of hardware is stable

Wars also ravaged the old way of life along with other solar systems. That is why the few humans in this system decided to completely abandon any form of weaponry and those not adhering to this principle swiftly faced, and is still facing, even though it is rarely a case these days, mob justice. The stationary settlements is always in need of expanding and getting their hands on resources their own world cannot provide. The “Zero G-crews” are happy to profit on this imbalance by interplanetary freight. Others profit on selling information and what relation you have to the Mammoth might be critical.

The only way to survive a harsh sector of space is to come together… Welcome to Convergence!


Mobile teams

The aim for players who take the helm of a space vessel is to move from one point to another in order to profit on the imbalance of supply and demand. This can be done by hopping between planets, the massive Capital and of course docking to other ships in the vast darkness. Kitting out the coolest hauler and making a better than decent living is your measure of success.


There are several classes of ships which have their own pros and cons. Small ships are more agile, cheaper to move and easier to dock. Larger ships on the other hand can bring more cargo and go further. You have no HQ other than your ship so without frequent dockings you will run out of means of propulsion and life support.

All teams are balanced to give everyone the same chance of doing well. That said, some teams are easier to play than others. Find a theme and a difficulty level you like...

Easy: Beta and Ceti class ships

Medium: Alpha and Delta class ships

Hard: Special teams (recommended that you played a mega game before)


Overview and brainstorm regarding the mobile teams

The Shrew
An express agency with a tiny ship capable of rapid hauling and barter. Play this team if you want to be the one providing the last piece of the puzzle. 1 person.

The Stoat
An express agency with a tiny ship capable of rapid hauling and barter. Play this team if you want to be the one providing the last piece of the puzzle. 1 person.

The Polecat
Providing food and clean fuel is your game as is spreading the word about them both. Some refer to your as “The Hippies”. 2 persons.

The Marten
Build or blow up? Rare minerals anyone? You are the scrapes of the social bottom but you are for sure working your way up, by any means necessary. 2 persons.

The Vole
Your butt in the helm seat whenever you are not tinkering, that your life style. Everyone need oxygen and fuel, right? 2 persons.

The Weasel
Living your life in the fast lane where race fuel, boosters and nitro pace is the only option. 2 persons.

The Badger
You are known as “The Union” for you undying endeavour to bring order and fairness to the multiverse. Always a hand in every cookie jar. 2 persons.

The Lynx
The only one who can handle a crisis? Maybe, and if not everyone need water to survive. 2 persons.

The Ram
Fixing people up, someone has to do it right. Then doing a little dirty (fuel) barter on the side hasn’t hurt anyone. 2 persons.

The Wolverine
Bringing production and construction to life and inventing a lot of high-tech gadgets, that is you. 2 persons.

The Bear
Processing fuel in mid space, no wonder you are known as “The Gas station”. Since everyone need to top up eventually, what better way to make a profit? 3 persons.

The Boar
Ships or settlements falling apart, no problem. Room in massive cargo holds – check. 3 persons.

The Bison
What better to focus on the two things needed the most for sustainable life? Add that to a massive sized vessel and you are bound for success. 3 persons.

The Wolf
The very concept of military is long gone but someone must keep up the standards. Train personnel and use those empty seats to transport people. 3 persons.

The Mammoth
A blast from the past mentality Government in a beyond huge vessel. Escort, provide resources, set up tolls.. There are many ways to keep this beast floating. 3 persons.

The Mole
You are above trading with plain dull resources. You are convinced that information is the key to success. Your team will know everything that goes around. 2-4 persons.

Classes of ships

Alpha Class
This is basically a shuttle size XS. The ship is highly agile and have very low running costs. For example the ship has such a small mass that fuel is not required to propel it. It is also so small that it does not need a docking station. On the other hand the ship is very fragile and have a miniscule cargo capacity. You should choose a team with an Alpha Class ship is you feel that you are “the Fixer”. When larger crews cannot sum up their deals because a piece of the puzzle is missing or someone need something fast. Then you are the go to person in this one man vessel.

Beta Class
If you are looking for flexibility but want something larger than a beer can this is the class for you. The ships are relatively cheap in terms of propulsion and have a small sized belly for a higher number of quicker deals per time unit. This Class requires a dock but can fit is several types of docks which makes it ideal when the larger classes cannot complete their deals or have to stand in line when the docks are occupied. This is a two man vessel.

Ceti Class
Now we are talking about a real ship. This medium sized baby comes with a larger portion of fixed interior for more stable operations. This means that you can load all the goodies you need to survive the haul on top of having enough cargo space to make a decent cut. The larger fuel tank on the other hand is there for a purpose because this beauty is thirsty. But hey, two engines are better than one when it comes to making a profit on this two man vessel.

Delta Class
Running this large sized freighter makes you easy to spot on the horizon and other do well in keeping a distance when you are at full throttle. A massive amount of cargo hold slots can fit anything the multiverse can produce and easily haul it from A to B. On the other hand manoeuvring such a beast is a bit tricky and not all the docks can fit this class. That can of course be sorted since you have the upper hand of being able to go across the entire sector. This is the class for you if you prefer more dealing and administration with larger agreements that no one else can manage. This is a three man vessel.

Epsilon Class
Only one where ever built. What is this monster?


Stationary player teams

The aim for players signing up on running a planet is simple. Optimizing input and output in your planet unique production lines is the key to evolving your settlement. Construction requires off world building blocks. Growing your settlement according to your team specific goal is your measure of success.

All stationary teams are balanced to give all players equal chances of showing off their true colours. That said, some teams might be harder to play than others. This will of course depend a lot of how the game develops but as an indication:

Easier: The Algae Pits, The Furnace, The Farmland, The Tub

Harder: The Mine, The Den, Pleasure Planet, Paradise


The Mine
On this hunk of rock life is harsh and miserable. The scum of the sector gather up here and the place is without doubt seen as the lowest on the social scoring board. The people themselves on the other hand see themselves as an important cog in the whole and without them everyone else would live in the Stone Age. Without rare minerals – no civilization. 2-3 persons.

The Algae Pits
Slimy, soggy and wet. The population harvest tonne upon tonne of the worst possible smelly algae. So why did people come to this planet? Because there is no other place in the sector where you can find such optimal conditions for algae growth – the game changer in propulsion for interplanetary hauling. 2-3 persons.

The Den
To you this is home. To anyone else, especially the ones not on the bottom of the food chain, it is madness to come here if you absolutely do not need to. Then again, everyone needs to refuel so ships drop in frequently any way. The Den is shitty cold and frankly just a big shanty town of anarchy. The ones not coping with the demands of other settlements usually come here. The planet at least have a decent atmosphere and without it not many could live the decadent unorganized way of life that many do. Dirty fuel and contrabands will flow from this place. 2-3 persons.

The Furnace
The planets which are considered to be on the social bottom can complain the life is harsh. Well, compared to you it is nothing. It all began with a glorious ride through the interplanetary industrial revolution bringing construction and production with it. This planet was the centre of attention. Then the polluted atmosphere went down the drain and the warmth with it. The problem is that the only thing you know is to keep on producing stuff and without the generated extra heat you would probably be dead anyway. The good part is that modules and complexes are in high demand. 2-3 persons.

The Farmland
Being a farmer in a pre-space-flight-age might not have been the best path for attracting a buzz. Nowadays there is no way life could be maintained in this sector without this lush planet. The conditions are ridiculously fruitful almost all year around. A oxygen dense atmosphere and a temperate climate makes this a vital food stop for all ships passing by. 2-3 persons.

The Tub
The inhabitants of the sector call it the Tub. The reason is simple, it is 100% covered in an ocean. There are no land mass and all civilization is a float. The poor atmosphere make only the ones coping with seasickness to want to stay longer than a quick visit. Therefore not many live on the planet. Those who do on the other hand make a decent living harvesting what there is of in abundance, water. Everyone needs water. 2-3 persons.

Pleasure Planet
The upper class of any civilization is always drawn to each other and this is where they ended up. Beaches, or the closest this sector can provide is the perfect place for luxurious living. Perfect atmospheric conditions and a hot climate makes every day living feel like a vacation. Consumption in all regards is your thing. 2-3 persons.

The only planet in the sector with both a rich atmosphere and a hot climate. A way of life closer to nature has also made this planet close to pollution free. There are not many places in the multiverse to raise a sound family but this for sure is one on them. With population of course also comes labour. Oxygen and labour what a great combination to build relations on. 2-3 persons.



Some of you eagor spacies out there might wonder if there is anything to relate to in order to better grasp the concept. Here are some hints of what inspired us:

- TV-series like Firefly, Expanse, ...

- Movies like Mortal Engines, Valerian, some Star trek episodes where hauling is in focus, ...

- Several board and computer games where basic converters (input->output) are present like Power Grid, Ostindiska kompaniet, Container (even though we never played it :), ...

- Web games like Tycoon Online, ...

- And of course other Mega Games