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Sweden Fashion & Beauty Day
Stockholm Waterfront
13 augusti - 3 oktober 2018
2018-08-13 12:00 - 2018-10-03 19:00

Twist & Tango


Twist & Tango lifestyle is all about embracing who you are, being yourself and expressing your genuine personality. We believe that every woman is unique and beautiful in her own way.  

...of Twist & Tango started in 1995, in Gothenburg, Sweden, built on the vision to create a brand for

women with an effortless and timeless approach to modern fashion. Today Twist & Tango is recognized as a personal fashion brand designing high quality collections combining everyday fashion with ease and style. Significant for the brand is the Scandinavian minimalism and simple designs mixed with spirited prints represented through the characteristic core values fun, simple, personal and feminine.



Today, Twist & Tango is selectively retailed by over 400 unique stores in 23 countries all around the world. With 7 own stores based in Sweden together with a number of exclusive shop-in-shop cooperation’s.



For Twist & Tango, social and environmental responsibilities have always been an essential part of progressing. For the past seasons the dedication to design sustainable and long lasting garments has been a prior focus to build a conscious ready-to-wear fashion brand. A commitment that goes by the signature expression what goes around comes around.    

Always aiming to look for a sustainable alternative of fabric in the creative process has resulted in a great increase of styles produced from recycled, organic or environmentally friendly certified fabrics.  

Think green.



The story of Twist & Tango continues and for Fall/Winter 2017 we proudly present our third complete shoe collection. This footwear line is placing TT as a contemporary fashion brand on the shoe market. 

The collection features the most essential footwear styles with a modern yet simple twist, representing the vision of the main collection through the consisting brand values; fun, simple, personal & feminine.

All shoes are manufactured and crafted in Portugal, of the finest leathers and qualities with the greatest expertise.

Join us for another step on the journey.
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