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Lindholmen Open Day 2022

Lindholmen Science Park
Lindholmen Science Park
September 22, 2022
08:00 - 19:00
Time zone: Stockholm, GMT+01:00



Carl Mossfeldt
Strategic Head, City of Gothenburg, Climate Transition Office

Carl heads the Gothenburg Climate Transition Office, an innovative pilot effort to accelerate the sustainability transition in the city. The design and methodology of the effort builds on Carl’s long experience as a strategic consultant in strategy and organisational development.

josefinhenrikssonopenday.jpg Josefin Henriksson
Business Developer, Atrium Ljungberg
olasernekeopenday.jpg Ola Serneke
CEO, Serneke Invest

Cecilia Elb
Senior Innovation Manager, Volvo Group Connected Solutions

Cecilia Elb is an expert in innovation of new services and solutions, from idea generation to new ventures. She works as a Principal Innovation Manager at the Innovation Lab at Volvo Group Connected Solutions, a global organization that leads the development of the Volvo Group connected services and solutions. Cecilia is also the project leader for the research project Smoovit, leading a consortium consisting of 11 members active in the transportation industry. Together they aim to reduce traffic congestion and create a better inner-city environment in Gothenburg by jointly developing a system of systems for goods transport.


Ulf Hammarberg
Environmental Affairs, DHL

Ulf Hammarberg is a specialist in sustainable transport and logistics solutions. He has experience in coordinating FFI projects within DHL and Vinnova-funded initiatives / projects within transport efficiency and fossil-free transport solutions, locally and nationally. To create collaborations for the company together customers, research and academic institutions, industry partners and logistics experts in various corporate departments. As an innovation leader in the logistics industry, DHL continuously invests in trend research and the development of new solutions.

lionelbelzonscevtopenday.jpg Lionel Belzons

Malin Stoldt
ITS Project Manage, Göteborgs Stad

Malin Stoldt, ITS Project Manager at the Urban Transport Administration in Gothenburg, works with geofencing and digital traffic information services.


Filip Sillerström
Product Owner, Volvo Group Connected Solutions

Filip works as a Product Owner at Volvo Group Connected Solutions, he is responsible for Geofencing and Zone Management portfolios available to Volvo Trucks and Volvo Buses.


Lisa Engkvist
Business Analyst, Volvo Buses

Lisa Engkvist is a Business Analyst at Volvo Buses who is specialized in connectivity services for the automotive industry. In recent years she has worked with services like geofencing and zone management to contribute to clean and green cities with a reduced risk for traffic accidents. Before this, she has developed solutions like car sharing and digital car keys.


Amrit Singh
CEO, Viscando

Amritpal Singh is the CEO and the co-founder of Viscando AB, a start-up from Gothenburg, Sweden. Viscando accelerates the transition to safer, more sustainable, and enjoyable mobility. We help improving traffic safety and efficiency in both cities and worksites with intensive traffic, like warehouses and building sites. We also assist autonomous vehicle (AV) developers with ensuring safety of AVs in real traffic conditions. All this is made possible with our 3D&AI technology, that enables bias-free data collection and insights.

janhellakeropenday.png Jan Hellåker
Chairman, Drive Sweden

Cecilia Malmström
Global Outlook Manager, Lindholmen Science Park

Cecilia Malmström has a PhD in political science and has lectured and done research in European Politics at the University of Göteborg, Sweden. She was elected to the European Parliament in 1999, reelected in 2004 but left in 2006 to serve as Minister of European Affairs in the Swedish government. In 2010, she was appointed Commissioner for Home affairs in the European Commission, Brussels and also served as European Union Commissioner for Trade 2014-2019. She is the co-founder of the International Youth Think tank together with Urban Strandberg.


Urban Strandberg
Managing Director, International Youth Think tank

Urban founded the International Youth Think tank in 2019 together with the former European Commissioner for Trade, Cecilia Malmström. Urban currently serves as associate professor of political science, and director of dual-track master’s programs at the University of Gothenburg, having initiated the groundbreaking dual-track degree initiative during his decadelong tenure as the university’s director of European studies. 

jonaswilhelmssonopenday.jpg Jonas Wilhelmsson
Head of Innovation & Sustainability, Ericsson Göteborg

Nils-Krister Persson
Head of Smart Textiles Technology lab & Head of Research group Polymeric E-textiles, Smart Textiles Borås

Nile-Krister has a long experience in research and innovation of smart textiles spanning from fibre technology to green tech to medical devices. Of special interest is electrotechnical applications for communication as well as for therapy.


Amelie Olesen
Research assistent & Textile specialist, Smart Textiles Borås

Amelie has worked with Smart Textiles and developed textile solutions for wearables as well as construction strategies for assistive, textile based technologies.


Sofia Löfstrand
Programföreståndare, Triple F

Sofia Löfstrand är programföreståndare för Triple F sedan början av 2022. Hon har sedan 2018 arbetat som senior projektledare på Lindholmen Science Park inom det strategiska innovationsprogrammet Drive Sweden. Sofia har innan dess 13 års erfarenhet i fordonsindustrin inom forskning och utveckling och har arbetat bland annat med elektrifiering av godstransporter och transporteffektivitet.

orvarhurtigopenday.jpg Orvar Hurtig 
CEO, Consat Engineering

At Consat we are passionate about technology, so is Orvar and our roads crossed several years back in collaborative projects at Lindholmen and globally, where we had a joint focus on the Transport Industry. Orvar has worked cross the Globe in many different roles. Lately he has had a high focus on e- mobility business. Prior to that, Orvar have had roles such as VP and Head of Operations as well as VP and Global head of Business Line Industry & Society (Digital business/IoT) at Ericsson. Orvar has also been responsible for the Automation Business within Toyota Material Handling in Europe.

Gunnar Ohlin
Programme Manager, ElectriCity

Gunnar Ohlin has been active in initiating and managing innovative projects at Lindholmen Science Park since 2013. He works mostly within the fields of emission-free transports, electrification, automation and digitalization. Gunnar is the central Coordinator for the ElectriCity collaboration.


Susanna Glenndahl Thorslund
Innovation Manager, MobilityXlab

Susanna has a background in business, art and advertising, leading teams and agencies in the international creative industry. A few years back, she switched careers, went back to university for a multidisciplinary sustainability and innovation bachelor, and spent some time developing and running a startup in artificial intelligence. Today, she helps global companies in mobility and connectivity to collaborate with startups from around the world at MobilityXlab.


Fredrika Klaren
Sustainability Lead, Polestar

Fredrika joined Polestar in April 2020 to lead the company’s sustainability work through four strategic focus areas: climate-neutrality, circularity, transparency and inclusion. A firm believer in the role of business as a catalyst for sustainable development, she has held sustainability positions over the past decade at IKEA and KappAhl. She studied Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems Analysis at Chalmers in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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