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Water at the centre

Science Fountain Presentations

Science Fountain

Speed talk presentations 10.15 - 11.00


Session A: Transforming water infrastructure

Zoom-link to digital session A:

This session looks at how large scale infrastructure is changing and re-interpreted as it fuses with other technologies, ideas and sciences. Are the critical socio-technical systems for water headed towards a major transformation, and what can potentially be gained or lost in that process?

Per Högselius                       The Nuclear-Water Nexus

Amelie Bennich                     Digital water? The digital transformation of the water sector

Katarina Larsen                    Co-creation of exhibition on water, augmented art and nature-city relations

Merve Atasoy                       Bio-based volatile fatty acids production from waste streams

Timos Karpouzoglou             Winners and losers during water infrastructure transition

Farzin Golzar                       Forecasting Wastewater Temperature Based on Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Technique​

Carlo Fischione*                   Machine Learning over IoT for water monitoring

* session host


Session B: Healthy, safe and inclusive

Zoom-link to digital session B:

Water is a prerequisite for life - but is also associated with hazards like flooding, water-borne diseases and social and ecological injustices. Here we learn from researchers exploring water management in crucial aspects of health, safety and inclusiveness.

Luigia Brandimarte                Flood risk reduction: watch out for unintended consequences

Alicia Gutting                        What is Good Drinking Water? Supplying Drinking Water in the Vicinity of a                                                                                 Nuclear Research Centre

Ingegerd Rosborg                 Desalinated water and health

Prosun Bhattacharya             Developing Private Sector Capacity for Systems Strengthening for Safe                                                                                     Drinking Water Access

David Nilsson                       How ambidextrous innovation helps achieving water and sanitation for all

Joseph Mulligan                    Flood Resilience in Slums: Community Responsive Adaptation in Kibera,                                                                                   Nairobi

Fredrik Gröndahl*                 Healthy food from healthy oceans

* session host

Session C: New horizons for water

Zoom-link to digital session C: 

Water is unstoppable - and so is curiosity. In this session we explore new and unconventional approaches to how to think, work with, make use of, and take care of our most precious resource.

Cecilia Åsberg                      Oceanic Humanities

Jean-Baptiste Thomas          Blue-growth and marine biomass utilisation for circular N and P flows in                                                                                 Sweden: circular blue-green bioeconomies

Jakob Kuttenkeuler               Oceanbird - The start of a new sailing era

Ulrica Edlund                        Mistra TerraClean – clean air and water

Johan Nordstrand                 Enhancing Supercapacitor Water Purification with Artificial Intelligence

Jörgen Wallin                        Why you should shower in your neighbour’s wastewater

María Isabel Alvarado Ávila   Decentralized Hypochlorite production for water treatment

Zeynep Cetecioglu Gurol*     Seeking SARS-CoV-2 trace in sewage system

* session host


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