Polar Connect - Secure connection to Asia for science and innovation

Thank you for attending!

Thank you all for attending or expressing interest in the SWERI breakfast seminar ”Polar Connect - Secure connection to Asia for Science and Innovation, arranged on the 5th of May 2023 at the SWERI office in Brussels.

Polar Connect is a new Nordic initiative to establish a secure, resilient and shortest possible data connection between Europe and the Asian Pacific for the benefit of trade, security and science. We hope you found the seminar and the following discussions fruitful and that you gained valuable insights and connections from the event. 

Visit the after-event page or click on the links below for video recordings from the seminar. Please note that the Q&A was not recorded since the event followed the Chatman House Rule. The ppt presentations can be downloaded as PDF from the after-event page or the link below. 

Link to the presentations: BOX platform (PDF files)

Video recordings: Vetenskapsrådets YouTube channel

You can also read more about Polar Connect and watch the video recording at NORDUnet website. Feel free to contact us if you need further information about the event or the initiative. 

Did you participate in the event? Please share your thoughts with us by filling in our short 3-questions survey on the after-event page! 


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