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JPIAMR Bacterial Resistance Workshop

JPIAMR Workshop Video: New Perspectives on Bacterial Drug Resistance

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During this JPIAMR workshop, insights and perspectives were shared regarding the opportunities and gaps remaining in the field of antimicrobial resistance. Ninety-six people from 30 different countries attended the event.

The first session of workshop talks discussed bacterial drug resistance in a human, animal, and plant health context and looked at the economic and policy impacts of resistance. The second session consisted of a series of individual perspectives from early to mid-career researchers, examining the remaining gaps in the field of bacterial drug resistance, from themes including TB treatment regimens, public health interventions, national action plans, infection control, epidemiology, and infection modeling.

The video recording of the workshop are now available on the JPIAMR YouTube channel. See:

The workshop report will be made available on the JPIAMR website.

This workshop was hosted in partnership with the Medical Research Council (MRC UKRI) and supported by the “CSA OH AMR.” The aim was to seek input from early to mid-career researchers in antibiotic resistance.

JPIAMR is in the process of updating the JPIAMR Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), contributing to the development of the candidate One Health AMR Partnership. This activity will support this process by allowing us to collect gaps and needs in the area of bacterial resistance.

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