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7 februari 2019
08:00 - 10:00

The Merge – Computers and Society

The Risks with Living and Working in a Digitalized World

Welcome to Transcendent Group’s breakfast seminar on Cyber Crime with former Scotland Yard detective Shaun Reardon. We will discuss the risk of crimes in the ongoing digitalization and how it affects us personally, our business, our public organizations and society as a whole.

  • Do you know the risks you are exposed to as an individual, and how to manage these risks and prevent them from happening to you?
  • Can your business survive an unforseen event? Like a breach into your IT systems, being exposed to money laundering activities or loss of data for which you have a legal responsibility to protect?
  • Where does the EU and Nordic countries stand today, how exposed are we to risk and what actions have been taken to increase the competence and prevent Cyber Crime and cyber-attacks on our nations? 

Shaun Reardon has recently joined Transcendent Group as our first consultant located in Trondheim. He brings with him 26 years of experience from Scotland Yard, working globally in high-tech crime, cyber operations, Intelligence and economic /complex crime such as terrorism, extremism and espionage. Drawn from Shaun’s experience at Scotland Yard, he will share his knowledge and lessons learned from the failure and success of others.

The event is free of charge and we will serve breakfast from 8.00. 

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The Merge – Computers and Society
31 jan 2019 (23:00)
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