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April 29, 2021
14:00 - 15:30

Composite talks by SWE-CIC

Every year there are new world records. Athletes cycle faster, jump higher and hit harder and more precise. Are we slowly becoming super humas? Or does the equipment we use enhance our performance?  

Andreas Martsman, co-founder and business developer at Oxeon will share his story about their material TexTreme and how they work with outperforming and innovative composites solutions. 

What has the enhancement of the equipment meant for ice hockey? Warrior Sports are changing the game through fibre composites and Jonas Karlson will tell us their story. 

Bicycles has evolved and new materials has lead to higher performance. Aerospace Engineer and former Bicycle R&D Manager Andrea Valenza will take us through a brief history and discuss the pros and cons of fiber composites in bike design.  

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Composite talks by SWE-CIC 
Get inspired by the dialog between designer, product developers and material producers. Listen to the people who is in the forefront of new materials that makes the impossible possible. Composite Talks by SWE-CIC is a webinar series that will inspire you and bring new insights. 

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SWE-CIC is made possible by: European regional development fund, Region Norrbotten, Piteå Kommun, Sparbanken Nord, RISE & Piteå Science Park