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February 15 - March 31, 2021
12:00 - 23:45


Subcase Cyber will be open 15-21 February.

This registration form is specifically for programmers, /co-/producers of venues, festivals and performing arts events, agents and funding organizations. Registration is only open to the representatives of organizations that present or support performing arts. The artistic companies that participate in Subcase Cyber do it specifically in order to reach organizations capable to support or present their work. Subcase is not open to the public.

Please note that each organization is only to submit one registration. 

The fee for Subcase Cyber is 25 euro (250 sek) per individual representative from your organization. Included in this fee is access to video pitches from 20 selected Nordic and Baltic circus companies, visiting Exhibition in Cyber Space, participating in Bonfires, Feedback Partnerships and info about all participants.

For an additional rate of 35 euro (350 sek) per individual you can participate in The Huddle, a workshop on the theme of representation. The Huddle will allow a limited number of participants.  

For detailed information on Subcase Cyber and The Huddle please go to

Please, fill in the booking form below for registration. 

All info about Subcase Cyber will be communicated to your contact person in this form.