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Gaming as Communication

P•U•S•H Performance Sk8 Urban Skate House
Hamngatan 37, Stockholm
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13 februari 2020
08:30 - 11:00
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P•U•S•H Performance Sk8 Urban Skate House
13 februari 2020
08:30 - 11:00

How brands can 'get in the game'

An "OMD Brainfood" Event...

Gaming may have been on advertisers radar for some time… and rightly so with 86% of global internet users playing games (92% and almost exclusively with 16-24 year olds - who adblock). On average they spend over 7 hours a week fully immersed and deeply engaged in gaming. However ad investment is massively out of sync with the opportunity… gaming commands 70% the audience of social media but only 5% the ad investment (webindex 2019). The reasons? – unlike other media, gaming has felt less inclusive for non-gamers, there has been a lack of collective industry narrative and a perceived lack of standard ad placements.

However, 2019 saw gaming accelerate from sub-culture to popular culture. Gaming is now worth more than music and film combined, Fortnite had parents ‘flossing’, streams of gamers on Twitch reach more people than Netflix, live gaming events are over-taking traditional sports events and high quality in-game opportunities are finally flourishing.

This brainfood therefore aims to help advertisers ‘get in the game’…

1.       We do some mythbusting around common misconceptions of gaming (eg audience, opportunities and effect)

2.       We look at comms planning and creativity in gaming – so how brands can ensure they don’t ‘dad dance’ in front of this exclusive audience

3.       Breaking developments in content (eg hyper real and expansive environments), platforms (eg new cloud streaming via Microsoft XCloud and Google Stadia) and interaction (eg new tech where you can control games using just your thoughts!)


Guest speakers include game streamer and gaming consultant Tobias 'Tejbz' Öjerfalk (nearly 600K followers on YouTube), and Niklas Bakos (CEO and Founder of the leading in-game advertising company Adverty).

We’re also pleased to be able to be able to annouce P.U.S.H in Gallerian as the venue (a 1000 kvm retail and meeting place with a skateboarding bowl) - just one of many spaces available to activate 'OMD Branded Spaces'.

0830-0900 Breakfast and the opportunity to play on the latest platforms (including VR/AR eg Oculus Quest, HTC Vive and spacial computing platforms eg Magic Leap

0900-1015 Presentation

1015-1100 Questions & networking

Ready Player One?