September 28, 2023
08:30 - 17:00
Time zone: Stockholm, GMT+02:00

Nobel Prize Teacher Summit 2023

Engagement requires understanding, and understanding requires knowledge. As our societies face major challenges, it is more important than ever to uphold democratic values, human rights and trust in science. 
As educators, we play a crucial role in promoting engagement. How, then, can teachers help students to understand this pivotal relationship between knowledge and engagement? How can we inspire them to become active and engaged citizens who can make well-informed decisions based on evidence and critical thinking, and who are able to differentiate between mere opinions and substantiated facts?

These are the core questions of this year’s Nobel Prize Teacher Summit. Join Nobel Prize laureates, top scientists, peace activists and fellow teachers from more than thirty countries and attend this unique, yearly event. Groundbreaking ideas, inspiring insights, unforgettable meetings and non-googleable stories will all be included.

The conference fee is SEK 1 200 (approximately 100 €) to be paid by credit card. If you register before
16 June you will receive a 50 % discount. Registration for the summit is binding and the conference fee
will not be refunded if the participant withdraws the submission.

Teachers and school leaders from all over the world are invited to participate. For more and updated information about this year's programme, please visit the Nobel Prize Museum website.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Extended programme
Teachers travelling from abroad to Sweden to attend the Nobel Prize Teacher Summit 2023 will have the
possibility to partake in a four-day programme arranged by the Nobel Prize Museum. When you register
for 28 September you can also register to attend the extended programme on 26 - 29 September. 


Bookable until
Price (incl. vat)
Nobel Prize Teacher Summit - Early bird
16 June 2023 (23:59)
600.00 SEK
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