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Your new way to healthcare verification

Do you also feel the need? The need for speed. On October 14th you are invited to present your current interests for test, verifications and clinical trials to a panel of healthcare organisations, both public and private. All in one place - at the same time.

You are a winner already upon submission as all submissions are reviewed and connected to healthcare organization(s) upon match. On top of this, seven submissions will be invited to pitch their test-needs to the panel of healthcare organisations (15min private sessions at the event).

When: 14th of October, 15:00 – 17:00

What: Digital event to connect and learn about test opportunities in west Sweden.

Submission: 1) Fill in your name and details below 2) Describe your test need and send to using the template attached (see right hand menue “Enclosed document – Description of your test, submission template”) the latest 30th of September. 

Participating healthcare organisations: Aleris, Art Clinic, Carlanderska Hospital, GHP, Kry as well as Region Västra Götaland through Gothia Forum, Innovation Platform, Närhälsan and Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

Submission will bring an opportunity to meet and match your concrete test needs with a broad selection of healthcare organizations. The Dragon’s Den slots are limited to seven pitches, so make your application stand out in clarity and content.


15:00-15:15      Intro “Vägen in i vården” & Health innovation West

15:15-16:00      Where to test what! Presentation of test -opportunities in west Sweden.

15:15-17:00      Seven submissions will receive special invitations to pitch in front of the healthcare panel. These sessions are not open for others due to confidentiality.

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