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Drive Sweden Thematic Areas' Workshops

Drive Sweden
Visual Arena, Lindholmen Science Park
5 - 7 februari 2020
09:00 - 17:00

Workshops for Drive Sweden's Thematic Areas

On the day before and the day after Drive Sweden Forum, four of Drive Sweden's thematic areas provide you the chance to dive deeper into challenge and opportunities and to network with stakeholders. Three workshops will take place, where you get the chance to work together.

The following thematic areas will meet on these dates:

Business Models - Feb 5 09.30-12.30
Without viable business models the transition to future, sustainable transport systems will be difficult. A broad collaboration is necessary to solve strategic challenges in the area of business models. This meeting will give you insights on the goals connected to the area and a possibility to influence what challenges we need to focus on ahead. Read more here >

Policy Development - Feb 5 13.30-16.30
During this workshop, projects and a list of identified policy-related challenges will be presented. Through a hands-on approach we will discuss what challenges are most vital and what might be missing. Read more here >

Society Planning and Public Engagement - Feb 7 08.30-12.30
These related themes will hold a joint meeting where you get the opportunity to take part of an interactive workshop to try new ideas on how to develop Drive Sweden’s agenda from societal and human-centered perspectives. Read more here >

You can sign up to as many of these seminars as you want, but places are limited.

If you haven't signed up for Drive Sweden Forum, you can sign up here >

Drive Sweden

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