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Drive Sweden Thematic Areas Meeting: Society Planning & Public Engagement

Drive Sweden
29 oktober 2021
09:30 - 11:30
Tidszon: Stockholm, GMT+02:00

Welcome to join us for two exciting hours, digging into several questions brought forward at the workshop we had earlier this year. Some examples:

  • How to create projects with a large variety of project partners, both public and private based on the quadruple helix concept?
  • How to build trust?
  • How to ensure benefits to all partners?
  • Inspiration from successful activities

The workshop will include both reflections from previous and ongoing projects, as well as specific cases to discuss and contribute to.

Digital platform

Anyone who is interested in getting an opportunity to connect and co-create across domains in the mobility area.

To build new multi-stakeholder connections and identify project ideas

Society Planning: Sara Nozkova and Olof Johansson
Public Engagement: Vaike Fors and Magnus Granström




09:30 Hello hello! 

09:40 Inspiration from previous co-creation projects: perks and pitfalls 
- A Human Approach - Vaike Fors, Halmstad University
- Working within the CCAM-partnership with social aspects and user acceptance - Ingrid Skogsmo, VTI 
- Experiences from the Co-creation Lab - Anna Nilsson Ehle, Chairman Of The Board at SIQ - Swedish Institute for Quality

10:00 Presentations of possible co-creation projects 
- A new industrial era in Skellefteå, how to tackle challenges with extensive new developments? - Peter Öhman, Lindholmen Science Park 
- Expansion of sustainable mobility in Kista - Thomas Sjöström, Sweco

10:30 Coffee

10:40 Group discussion - how do we take these ideas forward? 

11:10 Summary and next steps 

11:30 Thank you and good bye!

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Drive Sweden Thematic Areas Meeting: Society Planning & Public Engagement
28 okt 2021 (13:59)
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