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Drive Sweden Thematic Area Meeting: Policy Development

Drive Sweden
March 4, 2021
10:00 - 11:30

What is needed to take out the safety driver?

The vision of autonomous transportation without a human driver or staff in the vehicle is attracting many public and private actors to design feasible applications for early implementation. This challenge may not be solved by one single actor, but rather by collaboration to develop regulation, legal frameworks, standards and procedures in line with technology and transportation context. Drive Sweden is involved in many cases related to these challenges.

During this webinar, experiences from pilots and R&I projects will be shared and legal challenges will be discussed and explored. The participants will also be invited to share inputs and proposals for further actions within the Drive Sweden context.


10.00 – Introduction and procedure for the meeting
Kent Eric Lång, RISE and Josephine Darlington, Drive Sweden

10.05 – Why is safety driver needed in autonomous buses? Experiences from operation and vision for the future
Lars Polgren, Nobina

Projects with autonomous vehicles on public roads have been active in Sweden since 2017. In the long term, the vision with autonomous vehicles is to set the scene for future mobility, where we can decrease environmental impact, increase availability for the passenger and decrease costs. Magic!

Removing the driver is one key for going in that direction. So what is stopping us from doing that right away? Lars Polgren will share experiences from operation and share the road map from Nobinas perspective.

10.20 – Regulatory challenges of driver concept and operation of AI systems
Jeanette Andersson, VTI

This part of the webinar will address the legal challenges surrounding the concept of the driver as well as a proposal for a new regulatory reform on civil liability for artificial intelligence, introducing operator liability and different liability rules for different risks. Thus, the presentation will focus on:

  • The concept of driver
  • The concept of operator
  • The proposal for a future EU civil liability regime for artificial intelligence

10.40 – SCAT – Safety Case for Autonomous Trucks
Cilli Sobiech and Martin Skoglund RISE

This project explores how to safely operate remote assisted trucks with higher velocity in a mixed traffic environment. The safety case will be explored by testing at AstaZero, a gated environment and will finish with a short demonstration at Lindholmen, Gothenburg.

11.00 – Drive Sweden Policy Lab 2021/22 – Status
Niklas Thidevall and Cilli Sobiech RISE

Drive Sweden Policy Lab is a platform for collaborative policy development with actors from business, government, and research enabling smart mobility. Three different cases will be investigated under 2021/22 - related to bus and traffic cameras and taxation for shared economy services.

11.10 – Discussion – What can we do, supported by Drive Sweden frameworks?
Open for all participants to present pains, proposals or pitch solutions.

11.30 – End of meeting


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Drive Sweden Thematic Area Meeting: Policy Development
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