Drive Sweden
March 16, 2023
13:00 - 17:00
Time zone: Stockholm, GMT+01:00

Drive Sweden Forum

On March 16, we welcome you to a new Drive Sweden Forum, which will be held online this time around. You can expect interesting project results that contribute to more efficient and sustainable mobility solutions, different perspectives on the development within future mobility and international outlooks.

During the Drive Sweden Forum on March 16, a number of projects will present their results. In different ways, they have all contributed to exploring solutions for digitized, more efficient or more sustainable mobility solutions.

The project results that we will take part of relate to the themes of:

Smart, connected and autonomous mobility solutions for rural areas
What potential is there in using autonomous vehicles and how can we find flexible and sustainable business models for passengers and PTOs?

Connected delivery boxes
How can new solutions make our door-to-door deliveries and returns more efficient?

Next generation mobility hubs and solutions for real estate owners
Viable business models, services and solutions for flexible mobility buildings changing the landscape for parking, deliveries and e-bike pools.

Optimizing mobility solutions and transport by using data
Different ways of using, for example, data on how people move around in the city, real-time traffic data, 3D models of the future and new interfaces to make our fleets and services more effective and attractive.

Data as a source for new and improved logistics flows in the city
New logistics flows, evolving cities and an increased e-commerce demand new models. Two different projects have explored how data and demand from cities, logistics companies and property owners can be combined to find new and improved flows.

Autonomous solutions in harmony
How different types of autonomous mobility solutions for people and goods can co-exist in different, parts of the city.

Traffic rules of the future
How do our traffic rules need to be digitized in order for them to support the digitalized mobility revolution leading to a safer, more efficient transportation system?

Attendees will also get to take part of insights from international actors at the forefront of driving and enabling future mobility solutions, and discussions on several aspects important to the continued innovation for a more sustainable transportation system.


More information about the content and speakers will be provided later on.

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Drive Sweden Forum
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