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The Writer's Voice med Bob Dolman och Johanna Ginstmark

Olofsgatan 18, Stockholm
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18 april 2018
18:00 - 21:00
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18 april 2018
18:00 - 21:00

The Writer's Voice med Bob Dolman och Johanna Ginstmark

I det seminariet berättar Bob Dolman och Johanna Ginstmark om hur de har hittat sina röster i filmbranschen.

In a heart to heart talk the screenwriters Bob Dolman and Johanna Ginstmark share their journeys as writers when it comes to finding, loosing and nourishing their true voices.

Bob having a long career behind him in Hollywood, and Johanna with a decade of working in the Swedish film and tv business, they share their personal experience and the challenges they have had, and are still facing when it comes to writing in their authentic voice.


Everything was fine: my personal life was good, I had fun writing jobs, a tv series I had co-written was a hit, but in my heart I knew something was off. 2017 was the year I realized I had lost my true voice. It was a harrowing experience, a feeling of losing your compass, your heart, your soul. But I didn’t lose my voice over night, in fact it had been a slow process over years. A process that included more than a decade and a half of learning my craft, years of trying to find my place in the business, but mostly it was about how I tried to stay safe in a highly unsafe world. Even though I felt artistically completely lost I did what I have always done, I went on an exploration into the wild unknown dedicated to put my fears aside, and trust that I would be fine. By the end of 2017 I wrote better than ever.

Speaking and writing (acting, directing, filming etc) with our true voice is our work, but it’s also our calling. Nourishing my voice was never on the top of my to-do list before, but it is now. It’s the most important thing next to my health, relationships and my life. During our talk I want to share my experiences with you. Let’s talk about when and why we slip out of our true voices, and what we can do in order to find our way back home. This is by no means a quick fix or a 5-step formula. This is a journey where we are willing to get lost while we investigate, explore and find out what’s important to us right now while we are pursuing art in a business.


When I started writing for TV--which requires pitching, brainstorming, collaborating, arguing, listening (as well as writing)--I was so insecure I could barely open my mouth. I'd been creating alone, in the isolated safety of my room, but now I was exposed. When I did speak, I was nervous, afraid of saying something stupid, and my voice sounded to my ear like the voice of a frog. Why was I talking like a frog?! I had to do something about this problem if I was going to work in the film and television business. Well, I did several things that really helped not only my voice in the writers' room but my voice when I was writing alone as well. During our talk I want to share my experiences with you. For my struggle to speak and write in my own voice, from heart and soul, has been a lifelong practice. Let's talk about that: How to overcome the fear of expressing ourselves in our own true voice. We all know the need for it, right? It's as vital as the air we breathe.


För dig som vill utvecklas som manusförfattare eller som filmarbetare bakom och framför kameran. Det här seminariet är också för dig som arbetar inom andra områden och vill utveckla dig kreativt.


Inga förkunskaper krävs.


450:- inkl moms.


Workshop med Bob Dolman

Bob Dolman kommer att hålla två workshopar i anslutning till seminariet. 

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