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October 22 - December 3, 2020

Swedish NLP webinars

By practitioners, for practitioners

We invite you to join RISE NLU Group and AI Sweden every second Thursday in this Swedish NLP webinar series.

This is a bi-weekly webinar series for people who work with, or are interested in, NLP. The idea is to provide a platform for both academic researchers and industry practitioners to present, listen to, and discuss recent work in NLP. The main focus of the webinars is NLP development in Sweden and for the Swedish language, but international breakthroughs may also be discussed. 

Each webinar features an initial 45 minute presentation that covers recent work that in some sense is relevant for Swedish NLP, followed by 45 minutes of discussion.

Time: Thursdays odd weeks 14:00-15:30

The webinars are organized by the RISE NLU group and AI Sweden, and moderated by Magnus Sahlgren, Head of the Natural Language Understanding Group at RISE.

Proposals for presentations can be sent to: 


22 October: Data readiness for NLP - Fredrik Olsson, RISE

5 November: A new state of the art for unsupervised sentence embeddings - Fredrik Carlsson, RISE

19 November: Bootstrap annotation for Named Entity Recognition - Felix Stollenwerk, Arbetsförmedlingen AI center

3 December: From needs to solutions: Working with NLP at the Swedish Tax Agency - Gintare Grigonyte, Oscar Kalldal, Jakob Wedman; Skatteverket (Swedish Tax Agency)
In this presentation, we aim to give an overview of what role NLP plays at the Swedish Tax Agency (SKV) in the year of 2020. We will talk about some of the different perspectives that we need to consider in our internal NLP projects, focusing on:

  • What motivates and what is a precondition for various NLP services at SKV
  • What possibilities and limitations there are in using SKV's data; how our projects are affected by laws and/or regulations on an internal, national, and EU level; and what ethical considerations we make
  • How we absorb scientific advances into conceptual solutions, and how we bring conceptual solutions to services


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Warm welcome!
RISE NLU Group and AI Sweden


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